XCore Face-to-Face? Germany?

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XCore Face-to-Face? Germany?

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Hi everyone,

We're currently exploring ideas for additional things we can do at next February's Embedded World exhibition and conference in Nuremburg.

One of these ideas would be to hold a face-to-face session for XCore Exchange members, probably using a side room at the exhibition centre. We could offer some kind of workshop, for example, as well as give you the chance to meet several members of the XMOS team.

Embedded World is our biggest event of the year and therefore we usually have a number of our developers and engineers at the event, not only to assist at the event but also to take a look around, so it would seem an ideal opportunity to see if we can get something going with the community. We may even be able to persuade a partner or two to join us.

How do people feel about this? The event is in Germany at the end of February and the face-to-face would be just a single day of it.

I'm not expecting any kind of confirmations this early on, but it would be good to know who would be interested and able to attend such an event if we organised it.

You would be responsible for your flights/accomodation (if required) and possibly food. We MAY be able to sort attendees out with visitor passes for the event as i think we get a large number of these.

So, how does this sound? Who would be interested?