Enabling Intelligent Unmanned Vehicles via XMOS Technology

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Enabling Intelligent Unmanned Vehicles via XMOS Technology

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Excellent research paper as to how University of Denver have been using XMOS technology for UAVs both land + air based.

"In this paper we describe a new design for intelligent unmanned vehicles using the XMOS processor and related technology. The current unmanned system design paradigm generally uses widely available microcontroller platforms such as PIC from Microchip, ARM microcontrollers, x86 architectures, among others. These technologies have pros and cons, but one common disadvantage is the complexity of handling multiple I/O streams while simultaneously engaging in complex computational tasks required for intelligent behavior. The conventional approach combines several types of microprocessors together to achieve simultaneous processing at different levels, a design choice that increases the overall complexity of the system by requiring glue logic and more off-chip communication. The proposed platform overcomes this limitation by unifying the high-level processing with the low-level, real-time control required for vehicle control using the XMOS technology, a new event-driven parallel processor for embedded systems. In this paper, we describe the overall design of our ground and aerial vehicles built around the XMOS processor, and present case-study analyses of the systems. "
I highly recommend a read - very well written:


Videos of one of their projects in action:

Control of a ground vehicle via XMOS microprocessor and iPhone through wifi:


Demonstration of XMOS real-time ability. This test is running 8 independent tasks: gps task, ultra-sonic task, compass task, wifi receive task, wifi transmit task, pwm output task, behavior task, status led task:


Testing of the DU Unmanned Systems Lab GUI control and autonomous robot control: