POTM - February - Goncalo - XMOS iPhone UGV

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POTM - February - Goncalo - XMOS iPhone UGV

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Congratulations to Goncalo who is this months winner for his XMOS & iPhone UGV project which was completed with other members at the University of Denver, Unmanned Systems Lab


A quote from Goncalo's project is as follows:

"Control of a ground vehicle via XMOS microprocessor and iPhone through wifi: Demonstration of XMOS real-time ability. This test is running 8 independent tasks: GPS task, ultra-sonic task, compass task, wifi receive task, wifi transmit task, pwm output task, behaviour task, status LED task:"

Once again well done to Goncalo and his team, please do check out his project here!

More videos:

Demonstration of XMOS real-time ability:


Testing of the DU Unmanned Systems Lab GUI control and autonomous robot control:


Looking towards March, please submit your nominations to the main POTM thread here (please ensure criteria are met detailed in this post if you wish to be considered).