Import Library Error

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Import Library Error

Postby Apricity_Luke » Wed Nov 28, 2018 6:24 pm

I am having an issue trying download the libraries into a project/workspace in xTimeComposer. Whenever I attempt to import any of the libraries, I am greeted with a "Software package: <package-name> download failed message.

Additionally, if I restart xTimeComposer, I no longer can see the list of the libraries, and instead see a "Connection to failed". I had that issue for a while, but found that if I deleted the 'com.xmos.cdt.ui.product_1.0.0_1295910307_win32_win32_x86' folder that was created in "C:\Users\Luke\.eclipse", it would re-prompt me for my xmos login, and then show the libraries again. I tried logging in both with user/pw and with the tools key.

I ran xTimeComposer in debug mode and see the following error message in the console when attempting to import any given library.

DownloadManager: documentation file XM-007176-PC(4.0.0rc3).zip not found, attempting to download ...
WebServices: opening connection (timeout = 100000): ... MEcomposer
Link: ... MEcomposer
DownloadManager: software version info file XM-007006-SM.xml not found, attempting to download ...
WebServices: opening connection (timeout = 100000): ... MEcomposer
WebServices: ERROR: No data returned
DownloadManager: Failed to download documentation file: success: false, message: No data returned
ERROR: ComponentBrowserView: Cannot find required documentation
WebServices: ERROR: No data returned
XdeImportWizardPage: ERROR: File 'C:\Users\Luke\.xmos\cache\XM-007006-SM.xml' does not exist

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried the usual of restarting and reinstalling to no avail. I can download the libraries manually off the website or github page but then am unsure on how to place the files in the workspace so my #include's will find them correctly, so any help/example of placing the libraries in manually would also be helpful.

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Postby CousinItt » Fri Nov 30, 2018 4:36 pm

In the libraries window, check that it's in online mode (the "button" will look pushed in) and click refresh, then try downloading a library. Does it make any difference?

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