How to send data to PC ? XK-USB-MIC-UF216 V2.0

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How to send data to PC ? XK-USB-MIC-UF216 V2.0

Postby yunzhongshanyue » Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:24 am

1. My board : XK-USB-MIC-UF216 V2.0
2. OS : WIN 10 64
3. environment : xTIME Composer Studio (Community_14.3.3)

How to send the 7mic data to PC ? By I2C 、USB or some another?

and I've successfully downloaded and compiled sw_usb_audio-[sw]_6.15.2rc1 .zip, and replaced sc_xud with as per the design advisory.

I run xmake and successfully get bin/1i8o2/app_usb_aud_mic_array_1i8o2.xe bin/2i8o2/app_usb_aud_mic_array_2i8o2.xe ,but it only PC to the board .

I want to use AN00162_-Using-the-I2S-library-[sw]_1.0.3rc1 to fit my board, how can I modify the code to fit my board?

Thanks for your help!

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