XEF232 Custom board bootup issue

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XEF232 Custom board bootup issue

Postby Sanjeev » Wed May 15, 2019 12:04 pm

Made a custom board using XEF232-1024-FB374-C40; Wanted it to boot from its Internal flash of 2MB; But it is not booting.

Following are the hardware configurations made:
Mode 0, Mode 1: Not connected, reason being internally they are pulled High; Do they need to be explicitly, pulled high with 1K ohm resistor? Do let me know
X0D01, X2D06 Pulled high with 1K ohm resistor.
X0D04..X0D07 are not connected, as they are pulled down by default
X2D04, X2D05 and X2D07 are not connected, as they are pulled down by default

Section 8 of XEF232 datasheet is followed to boot from Internal flash IS25LQ016B;

I am pasting my XN file; I am not certain about the bootmode in XN file, it is auto generated from the default config file. Help me to understand the Example AN00185 page 4 which describes about the bootmode.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Network xmlns="http://www.xmos.com"
xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.xmos.com http://www.xmos.com">
<Name>XEF232-1024-FB374-C40 Device</Name>

<Declaration>tileref tile[4]</Declaration>
<Declaration>tileref usb_tile[2]</Declaration>

<Package id="0" Type="XS2-UEFnA-1024-FB374">
<Node Id="0" InPackageId="0" Type="XS2-L16A-512" SystemFrequency="400MHz" OscillatorSrc="1">
<Source Location="bootFlash0"/>
<Bootee NodeId="2"/>
<Tile Number="0" Reference="tile[0]">
<Port Location="XS1_PORT_1B" Name="PORT_SQI_CS_0"/>
<Port Location="XS1_PORT_1C" Name="PORT_SQI_SCLK_0"/>
<Port Location="XS1_PORT_4B" Name="PORT_SQI_SIO_0"/>
<Tile Number="1" Reference="tile[1]"/>
<Node Id="2" InPackageId="2" Type="XS2-L16A-512" SystemFrequency="400MHz" OscillatorSrc="3">
<Source Location="LINK" BootMode="4"/>
<Tile Number="0" Reference="tile[2]"/>
<Tile Number="1" Reference="tile[3]"/>
<Node Id="1" InPackageId="1" Type="periph:XS1-SU" Reference="usb_tile[0]" Oscillator="24MHz">
<Node Id="3" InPackageId="3" Type="periph:XS1-SU" Reference="usb_tile[1]" Oscillator="24MHz">
<Link Encoding="5wire" Delays="3clk">
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="0" Link="7"/>
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="2" Link="0"/>
<Link Encoding="5wire" Delays="3clk">
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="0" Link="4"/>
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="2" Link="3"/>
<Link Encoding="5wire" Delays="3clk">
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="0" Link="6"/>
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="2" Link="1"/>
<Link Encoding="5wire" Delays="3clk">
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="0" Link="5"/>
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="2" Link="2"/>
<Link Encoding="5wire">
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="0" Link="8" Delays="52clk,52clk"/>
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="1" Link="XL0" Delays="1clk,1clk"/>
<Link Encoding="5wire">
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="2" Link="8" Delays="52clk,52clk"/>
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="3" Link="XL0" Delays="1clk,1clk"/>

<Device NodeId="0" Tile="0" Class="SQIFlash" Name="bootFlash0">
<Attribute Name="PORT_SQI_CS" Value="PORT_SQI_CS_0"/>
<Attribute Name="PORT_SQI_SCLK" Value="PORT_SQI_SCLK_0"/>
<Attribute Name="PORT_SQI_SIO" Value="PORT_SQI_SIO_0"/>
<Attribute Name="QE_REGISTER" Value="quad_spi_qe_location_status_reg_0"/>
<Attribute Name="QE_BIT" Value="quad_spi_qe_bit_6"/>
<JTAGDevice NodeId="0"/>
<JTAGDevice NodeId="2"/>

Suggest if anything missing or mistakenly added.

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