AVB/TSN Developer Needed

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AVB/TSN Developer Needed

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We're looking for a developer to help with a project to design an dual-gigabit ethernet port AVB to I2S card with SPI control from the host device. The plan is for us to design a custom PCB based on an XE232 device (this should be relatively quick and straightforward as we have plenty of experience with XMOS parts). Once the hardware is verified, the developer will then implement the AVB/TSN code in a redundant network configuration (exact specification will be supplied) along with the necessary application code for monitoring over the SPI port by the host device.

The main requirements for the developer are :
- Some previous experience working with XMOS devices
- A good understanding of ethernet and implementing low level protocols
- Previous TSN/AVB experience would be a bonus, but not essential

We have the host hardware for this project finished and shipping already.

If this project is of interest to you, please send me a DM with your contact information and I'd be happy to discuss it in more detail.