DFU Process got stuck in XU224 board Topic is solved

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Thanks for your answer. It allowed me to move forward a little.
Device seems now to be reseting properly.

After the reset I have the following problem :

Console output :
Program stopped at 0x40000.
It stopped with signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
Type "info stack" or "info registers" for more information.
[Switching to tile[0] core[4] (dual issue)]

info stack
#0 0x000474e8 in Pid_Sof ()
#1 0x00047488 in SetupReady ()
#2 0x00047488 in SetupReady ()
Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)

info registers
r0 0x80100 524544
r1 0x10600 67072
r2 0x80000 524288
r3 0x10 16
r4 0x1 1
r5 0x4c230 311856
r6 0x3334 13108
r7 0xf335 62261
r8 0x493e0 300000
r9 0xa001 40961
r10 0xce 206
r11 0x0 0
cp 0x47930 293168
dp 0x48010 294928
sp 0x7e250 516688
lr 0x47488 291976 SetupReady + 2
pc 0x474e8 292072 Pid_Sof + 16
sr 0x90 144
spc 0x474e8 292072 Pid_Sof + 16
ssr 0x80 128
et 0x4 4
ed 0x0 0
sed 0x80100 524544
kep 0x40080 262272
ksp 0x400a4 262308
Debug view
tile[0] core[4] (Suspended: Signal 'ET_ILLEGAL_RESOURCE' received. Description: Resource exception.)
3 Pid_Sof() 0x000474e8
2 SetupReady() 0x00047488
1 SetupReady() 0x00047488
Any ideas ?

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Investigations continue to try to run the DFU on a XU232 processor.

Thanks to sflower the device is now properly reset and using an USB analyser I can see USB reset transactions. After reset it seems that the area that should not be touched is set to 0 and so firmware never restart in DFU mode. It is always enumerated as audio device.

Questions : is the "protected" area the same on a XU216 and a XU232 ? I cannot find any information in XMOS documentation related to this area ?