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Hi there, I've been hunting around for a XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB dev kit to do a 32/384 kHz audio DAC but can not find a kit anywhere - no stock. Any idea where I can get one? Anyone here got one to sell? Thank you ACR

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I am myself looking for this dev board. Stock 0 (digikey, farewell and future electronics). Any plan to make it available again in a near future?
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Newark (Farnell) is showing the kit has No Longer Manufactured. XMOS website does not list the kit as EOL at this time of writing.

Digikey & Future Electronics are showing incoming stock in March (Digikey) with Future ETA - not known. You could contact Future Electronics for more details but sounds like Digikey is your best bet and is a lower cost @ $ 280 USD.

http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/Tec ... 58850&IM=0
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Hi, this kit is still live and being manufactured. There are new batches en route to both Digikey and Farnell at the moment, which hopefully will be in stock this week. Demand for this kit has been higher than expected recently so we're working hard to catch up!