libxud_x200.a (2.5.0) USB enumeration signal error

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libxud_x200.a (2.5.0) USB enumeration signal error

Postby dengzicheng » Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:11 pm

I am using libxud_x200.a (2.5.0) on USB aduio.the usb_active signal is not normal. I use self-powered mode:SELF_POWERED = 1.
When I disconnect the USB connection, the usb_active signal appears square wave instead of low level.If I use libxud_x200.a (<=2.5.0), it will be low when I unplug the USB.
I don't know what libxud_x200.a (2.5.0) has changed, so that a square wave signal appears.Who knows this?

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