192kHz over UAC1 with example code

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192kHz over UAC1 with example code

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It seems that the example code for usb audio given by xmos limits USB audio 1.0 to 48kHz. Has anyone successfully done 192 or greater over UAC1? I am looking to do 192 or 216 over UAC1 if possible as this needs to work on a Windows 7e system and preferably without anything other than the native drivers.

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Hi. Not an audio developer but found this:

https://www.head-fi.org/threads/can-i-p ... rs.707820/
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Post by fabriceo »

in UAC1 the packet are sent every miliseconds and max size is 1ko.
with 96k in 24bits this gives a data flow of 96000 * 3* 2 /1000 = 576bytes per usb packet which is ok.
with 192k you are above 1ko so could do it but only in 16bits mode, not 24.
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Post by akp »

I assume you need stereo but you might be able to get mono 192ksps with Windows 7 and 24 bits/sample. I can't recall if Windows supports that or not, the Win 7 UAC1 driver is stupidly picky.