usb windows driver, evaluation vs stereo driver

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usb windows driver, evaluation vs stereo driver

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Working on a prototype with xmos xcore 200 as usb audio interface, our first product with xmos processor. Have tested usb audio with the evaluation driver from Our product does only need stereo in/out so we will use the xmos stereo driver in the final product. Is there a way to test the xmos stereo driver during prototyping before purchase of 150 processors? What is the relation between the evaluation driver and the stereo driver? Is there a guarantee that our tests and evaluations with the evaluation driver will be of the same functionality and quality with the stereo driver?


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Hi, you can easily find with google the standard stereo xmos driver, this is for example the one used on the khadas tone board if I m not mistaken. the difference with evaluation is mainly 2 things : no native DSD (just DoP) and a single clock endpoint (so no simple way to integrate an spdif or adat receiver)
hope this help