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Is it possible to program ARM core of xCORE-XA using xC prog

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  1. Since xC would need a run-time system (processes, channels, selective choice, timers etc) I wonder whether XMOS has ported that onto the ARM core, not "only" the XMOS cores on the chip?
  2. If so, is the code available for studying (and where?)
Øyvind Teig
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Øyvind Teig
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The xCORE-XA device contains seven logical cores and one ARM core. xCORE logical cores need to be programmed using xC and ARM core needs to be programmed using C. xC programming features cannot be used on ARM core. Have a look at the following application notes to get you started on xCORE-XA programming:

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There is no implementation of xC for the ARM architecture. The idea of integrating an ARM core with the xCORE is to be able to reuse existing ARM code. xC code can currently only be run on other platforms using software simulation of the xCORE architecture.