lib_tsn, MSRP

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lib_tsn, MSRP

Postby Sebastian » Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:30 pm

Hello every one,

I found a strange behaviour in the MSRP attribute registration.
Maybe someone else could reproduce it.
The MSRP protocol is a hard "nut" to understand,
so every comment is welcome. :)

My Hardware:
->AVDECC Controller (Riedel AVB Manager, HIVE)
->Swtich (Luminex GigaCore10)
->xCORE-200 multichannel audio platform
->RME Digiface

RME Digiface is configured as talker with 8 Streams.
xCore-200 as Listener.

To have a look at the MRSP attribute list, I used the function mrp_debug_dump_attr() in avb_mrp.c

When I change the Talker stream, the listener attributes never get cleared from the attrs[] list.

After six (6) times switching the talker stream the attrs[] list reaches MRP_MAX_ATTRS and no more changes are possible.

It makes no differece if I use other Talker HW or Bridge HW.
Also tested with

-> 8 x XMOS Talker (custom board)
-> MacOS High Sierra with 8 Talker streams
-> Extreme Networks, Motu, Presonus Switch

thanks in advance,

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