Digital loopback from DAC output to ADC input

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Digital loopback from DAC output to ADC input

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1. Inside XUF216, is it possible to synchronize the reading of microphone sample with sample played out to DAC?
2. We want to make sure that the output buffer to DAC and input from ADC are in sync with each other and they are operating on same clock.
Do you have this configuration already supported ?
As per Figure 3: xCORE Microphone Array block diagram,we would want left and right channels going to DAC to be also available as microphone inputs MIC5 and MIC6.
For some reason if you don’t support in this board ,do you have another board which can support this


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what you are asking for is purely a function of software and not the board you are using. Once you have a system with lots of inputs and outputs, you can do the dsp/mixing/plugging with the variables.

For xCORE mic array, the place to do it is actually the same as USB audio. Take a look at this thread, I think it is quite relevant. You can make similar changes to the 1i8o2 configuration in app_usb_aud_mic_array:
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