Boot Modes for 3 x XL216 TQ128 design

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Re: Boot Modes for 3 x XL216 TQ128 design

Postby CousinItt » Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:31 pm

That's very useful - thanks for the update. I've looked for some more info and I can't find much. That snippet from the XN specification I quoted earlier refers to a line of devices, so clearly there should be some way in which it can work. The only other thing I've found is for the first generation devices in XS1 Link Performance and Design Guidelines which shows more than one device booting from a single flash, which says the first bootee has to use X0LB (presumably replaced by XL0 in the XCORE-200) but then adds
All slave devices are connected in the master-ward direction using X0LB

Any free outgoing link can then be used to boot further downstream devices.

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