XC1-A port question

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XC1-A port question

Postby vector » Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:02 am

I have been using the old X1 and want to port my application over to the X1-A which is obviously very similar. I have not purchased a new X1-A yet so after looking through the port documentation I have the following question that I hope can be answered here :
X1,X2 and X3 port A share pins XnD0-XnD11
X3 Port B header uses pins XnD12 thru XnD23.
Plus we have the PROTO AREA for processor 0.

Is pin XnD22 free for processor 3 even though it is a test point on processor 0 ?
AND, if I am using the UART TX and RX on processor 0, I take it that the XnD23 pin used on
processor 0 for the UART_TX is unavailable for processor 3 even though the header exposes this pin.
These Xcore chips are great but I do wish that there was a bit more choice with the available development kits. All those pins on the processor and yet not many exposed to the headers. It wouldn't be so bad but the Xmos chips are impossible to solder yourself. I guess the experimenters and hobbyists are not the main market but it would be nice for someone to develop a more advanced developement board.
Maybe we could pool resources (ie Cash) and make a board with some more features. Reading through the forum, many people want this. Maybe a poll vote for features (like a votable wish list) . Oh it's late at night and I am already dreaming I think.
SDRAM, High speed USB port(s), LAN FAT32, LCD port etc.
I am currently hooking up the FTDI 2232H chip onto an XC1 because I need about 8mByte/sec. Also adding a DAC but running out of ports fast !

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