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Technical discussions related to any XMOS development kit or reference design. Eg XK-1A, sliceKIT, etc.
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Post by nisma »

No, i have used a camera with digital interface (8bit) and i2c , no usb camera.
This camera can give out compressed jpeg or uncompressed data using different coding and resolution.
Usb host was used for other purposes, and i have used a farchild usb1T.. tranceiver, one without Vreg,
otherwise host was not possible, but others are possible, micrel, ... . Just the simple tranceiver that
can work up to 12Mbit and don´t need pin that change direction and use only a limited number of pins.

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Post by dan »

Since this is the second time this subject has come up, let me try and fully clarify the situation. We developed a 12 mbit FS usb host that bitbangs USB via a transceiver (no phy). However, it was developed purely for connecting to iX devices, and has not been tested with anything else and may not work with hubs.

The reasons we have not released it on github yet are:

1) It needs apple specific stuff removing
2) Its in assembly and like I said untested with non iOS platforms.

I'm going to try and get something out to you all that you can at least play about with sooner rather than later but be prepared for it not to work with a given device you may be using (e.g. the webcam) and to not get any support on it. Stay tuned.
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Post by ozel »

Dear Xmos staff,

Are there any news on the release politics for the USB host source code?

The number of XMOS boards being shipped with a USB A receptable is getting absurdly large, e.g. the new xCore-200 multi-channel audio board.

I would love to see some starting point to interface with USB HID devices from Xmos chips, like USB MIDI gear.
Also USB mass storage or USB bluetooth dongles would be nice targets, especially the latter since there is no XMOS dev board available featuring a BT 4.0/ BLE chip.
If you guys need further inspiration why there is not only a market for Apple/MFI related USB host products please consider this page: ... usb-shield
These Arduino projects are all based around a shield featuring a ~10 EUR Max 3421E chip!
While xcore's could do it just from scratch if you would release that USB host library which you seem to keep hiding for a few years now...

I looked into the 4 year old sc_android_aap code on github. However, I doubt it could be modified to work with current devices using an ULIP interface. The interesting part (USB LLD) seems to be a binary library. There's also no documentation available on the old ipod dock V2.0, so it's not clear for which USB transceiver this code was written.