XTAG2 firmware update?

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Re: XTAG2 firmware update?

Postby paul » Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:42 pm

Also, documentation for such can be found here - http://www.xmos.com/system/files/tools_en_ch7.pdf


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Postby GerhardNorkus » Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:35 pm


I am using MSVC studio 2008 to attempt my own firmware loader using the XTag2. It seems the 10.4.2 tools dont work very well in windows (I have an XK-1 attached).

I've gotten the USBLib library and can successfully talk to the device. It enumerates as XTag2 with vid 20B1 pid F7D1. Am I correct in my understanding of how to use the usb_bulk_read and usb_bulk_write commands?

I think this is how I should talk to the device:
usb_dev_handle* udev = usb_open(m_ValidDevices[0]) ;
int buf[1024] ;

if (udev)
int rval ;

buf[0] = 0x00000001 ; // Loader_cmd_write_mem
buf[1] = 0x00010000 ; // Starting address 0x00010000 for example
buf[2] = 0x00000004 ; // 4 bytes
buf[3] = 0x00000000 ; // Simply zero it out!

rval = usb_bulk_write ( udev // device handle
, 0x01 // Endpoint 0x01
, (char *)buf // out buffer
, 16 // length in bytes
, 1000 ) ; // timeout (in milliseconds?)
usb_close(udev) ;

It only returns a -22 error code, so I'm sure something is wrong. Perhaps, it's not acting as a USB loader like it should. Perhaps, it is already acting as a JTag conversion device. Any guidance?

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