eXplorerKIT internal flash???

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eXplorerKIT internal flash???

Post by RobV »

The hardware manual says that the chip used with the eXplorerKIT is the "XEF" model with internal flash, yet there is an external flash connected to the exact same pins reserved for the internal flash and, most confusingly the same CS pin reserved for the internal flash.

I saw an older post sating the kits used XE216 rather than XEF216, but hardware manual seems to disagree.

Am I missing something here?


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It won't work with both internal and external flash, so it must be using the XE part, not XEF.
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Post by matthew1 »

We've corrected the eXplorerKIT hardware manual now, thanks for spotting it. The device used is the XE216 and doesn't have internal flash.