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Can't download USB Audio 2.0 software

Postby pasnew » Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:34 pm


I have a legacy USB Audio 2.0 reference board with serial number 2846xxxx. Now I can't download the new usb audio software cause the system don't recognize this serial number. If I click submit without enter the serial number in the download page, nothing happens. Any help?

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Postby migueljds » Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:46 am

Hi there,

Sorry, this is actually a bug in the website.

You shouldn't need to enter your board serial number for the USB audio boards in order to download the software. It's only the new xCORE-VOICE Smart Microphone boards that should ask you to enter your board serial number in order to access the early releases of software for them.

I have found the issue in the website and have fixed this bug now. So if you try to download the software for your usb audio board you should be able to get it without being prompted to enter a serial number.


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