XC-1 Mod Question

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XC-1 Mod Question

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Hi All,

I haven't been around for a while, but I spoke about SPI modding an XC-1 a few times back at xmoslinkers. For reasons I'm not entirely clear about, my SPI mod is working now that I'm using the 10.x IDE. However, I'm finding that only single-core programs will boot off of the programmed SPI.

The odd thing is, I've removed R11 and shorted R12, which I understood to be the process to enable bootloading cores 1-3. Could anyone comment on why I'm still getting this behaviour?

I'm using the same Atmel chip that's on the XC-1A and a number of other boards, and it enumerates and programs just fine. I believe the board is running the 1V1 firmware (A and I light at boot), but the board revision is XC-1 1V0. With the resistor mod, the demo program still runs at boot, after 1.1 is displayed.

Thanks a lot!