XTAG Connection Question

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XTAG Connection Question

Post by oMG »

Sorry for my noob :oops: question but I just started to learn about XMOS etc. and I bought an XC-2 and I would like to know:

Is there a specific order to connect the XTAG (example connect the power supply to XC-2 then the XTAG and last the USB or something like that.

How do I upload and download my code from my XC-2 and how can I erase my code from XC-2.

Thanks for your time

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Post by Berni »

Go read documentation on the xmos site if anything is unclear, also do the tutorials that come with the development environment. It should teach you the basics.

There is no particular order that you need to connect XTAG. Also to run a program there is no need to permanently burn it in the memory. You might want to use the normal run that just loads the program in to its RAM, this means it will run until you reset it and then it will boot back up from the flash and run that web server example it came with (Providing you haven't overwritten the flash).