XC-2 Linux issues

Technical discussions related to any XMOS development kit or reference design. Eg XK-1A, sliceKIT, etc.
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Post by paul »

johanar wrote: I'm also getting the this problem with XDE, but there are no issues with my regular Eclipse which kinda makes me believe there has to be a better solution that temporarily uninstalling xulrunner :)
There is one on the way soon- we have a tools release coming up that should hopefully fix this issue! Watch this space...


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Post by jrogers »

I am just getting started with XMOS and I would like to run the tools on my 64 bit Ubuntu (actually Mint) machine.

Is this a good idea? (I have read a lot about the XMOS learning curve, and I don't want to steepen the curve with avoidable tools problems)

I guess the other way to phrase the question: What is the "best" (most stable, most supported, etc) platform to run the development environment on?

Thanks! -- John
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Just a quick update, I am trying the new tools 10.4. This seems to have solved the IDE startup issues and buttons. however I cannot now see either my XC-2 or my XK1. I don't think this is particular to the new tools as the older list run shows nothing now either!

However the commands have changed thus:

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xrun -l 
or xrun --list-devices
Instead of the older xrun --listdevices
Will keep you up to date