probem in XC2 kit!!! help

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Re: probem in XC2 kit!!! help

Postby jonathan » Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:42 pm

Folknology wrote:No need of heatsink nassim
Yes, and a radiator might just finish the chip off... ;-)
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Postby Bianco » Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:36 pm

Folknology wrote:Hey Bianco you have to crack them open first, it gets messy ;-)

No need of heatsink nassim

I used alluminium foil and a regular egg (just a bit of it), but the heat transfer from the chip to the foil is not that great and the foil acts as a heatsink to the air also. Then i spilled egg on my XC-1 and washed it with water. I was too impatient to wait for it to be dried completely and after i powered it up it made some weird pop sounds. After some longer drying it worked fully again :p
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Postby segher » Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:08 am

Folknology wrote:Interestingly Segher claimed with his tools and only 1 core active on the XC1A it ran cooler, but can't vouch for that..
Both my XC-1A, and XC-2, as well as all L devices I have barely get warm when not doing
much on them.

The XC-2 gets pretty hot when running the standard firmware on it (not even connected
to ethernet).

My tools have nothing to do with it for what it's worth; those are just JTAG things, for uploading
code and (low-level) debug/introspection. And I do set the PLLs to 400MHz/100MHz
nowadays ;-)

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