If you want to contribute to the repositories

  1. Join github
  2. Join
  3. Fill in the contributors license.
  4. To submit a patch: fork, make the change and do a pull request on the relevant repo.
  5. If you want to create a new repository then raise a new issue on the community issue tracker asking for it with the title "repo request: < name >".

Make sure you also:

  • Take a look at the community documentation
  • Take a look at the open source project user forum
  • Take a look at the repositories on the repository status page, watch and grab RSS feeds from those you are interested in
  • Take a look at the XCore IRC channel on Server: Channel: #XCore
  • You'll also need some tools, you can get those for free here
  • Optionally you may also want to get some hardware to play with; there are numerous examples available here

Above all, please remember...

...we are here to nurture great designs, and a happy developer is a productive developer - despite the online nature of the XCore open source project and the human contact abstraction that results from that fact, it is important to realize that there are real people at the end of all contributions and/or discussions. Treat all other community members as you would expect to be treated. Review the contribution, not the contributor; don't annoy others, and don't become easily annoyed yourself.