DIY evaluation board with XE216-512-TQ512

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Re: DIY evaluation board with XE216-512-TQ512

Postby akp » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:08 pm

I think you will have difficulty implementing 8 channels of very high speed DSD output on a 1 x 8 bit port. You should use 8 x 1 bit ports to simplify the code. There is a method to use multibit ports with zip/unzip instructions ... rc1%29.pdf

However, I understand the maximum speed is somewhere around 12.5MHz for a 4 bit port. That is enough for DSD 256 (11.29MHz). I suspect DSD 512 (22.58MHz) might just be possible on a 4 bit port but I would be surprised... all I know is that 12.5MHz will work, and 25.0MHz will not. As to what's possible on an 8 bit port, I don't know. I would suspect DSD 128 should work. Maybe you will need to use multiple high priority cores to handle all the manipulation and then could you get DSD 256? That I don't know.

It would likely have to be on a different tile from the RGMII since the RGMII in Gbps mode uses nearly all the tile. Then you are limited by the streaming channel but that is supposed to give almost 500mbps.

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