Apple AVB

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Apple AVB

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Hi all

Does anyone know about AVB on Apple MACs which can be used with XMOS AVB kits?

Like hardware and software.


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Post by norman »

i would be also interested if anyone had any info...
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Post by ozel »

I once tried the AVB reference design binary which says "1722.1 compliant beta" on the low-cost AVB board and connected it with a Mountain Lion machine (macbook pro early 2011, which has a broadcomm ethernet chip with AVB support). On the terminal I enabled the en0 interface for AVB with the avbdeviced command. see: ... ced.1.html
But besides heavy flicker of the activity led on the Xmas board, I got nothing. No new audio output device showed up anywhere in OS X. Maybe it's required to use the IEEE 1722.1 GUI from UMAN to configure the board, as noted in the current PDF accompanying that binary?
Also, in the current AVB code on github, you can see a comment that suggests the sample fifo buffer size parameter was changed to comply better with Apple devices: ... avb_conf.h (line 50)
So I guess it works in some way.
Xmos should speak up and explain how...