Mad Scientist Audio Interface

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Mad Scientist Audio Interface

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Version: 2.8
Status: Under development
License: Custom Licence
Download: /files/project_builds/

So first, been working on this quite some time, the name is a little out there but was deemed "the mad scientist" by a friend quite a while ago and it stuck.
I've been working on this off and on since about oh May of this year(6/12) its come a long way. Thought I'd finally share.
Goal is to get the functionality of a comparable industry standard professional usb audio interface. Without sacrificing oh most of my pay check.
8 channel Stereo In through a Cirrus Logic 24b ADC

8 channel Stereo Out through a Cirrus Logic 24b DAC

TI 1210USB Trans

at first I was going to run all one board, but that turned out to be a gigantic routing mess and too much for me to chew.
So its been split into 4 sub boards.
Board 1- Power

Board 2- Coreboard

*edit* Board 3 - Single Combined Filter Input/Out Board
I'm Still in the process of routing the core board to my particular needs. Would take help if its offered. The other 3 boards are pretty much completed.

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Post by phalt »

So you've been building your own USB audio interface? Damn that's impressive!
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Post by CivilDecline »

Thank you. I have to finish re-doing the powersupply board and perhaps make a variant with two of the smaller chips. I bought a USB audio interface and it has made me realize, I want another one with more inputs and outputs so this has taken priority again.

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Post by Jesperkraakman »

May i have the code for the xmos, i am very interested in building this.