Digital PDM & electret Microphones

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Digital PDM & electret Microphones

Post by abdullahkamel »

Hello Everyone,
I have two question here and I hope help me for answers:

1- If I want to buy Mic array to use it for Speech Recognition, What is the Mic array products now in market?

2- Why most of devices like Amazon Alexa and Google use MEMS Microphone Array ( Digital PDM Mic)?, other hand most of robots use electret Microphone Array not MEMS digital Microphone Array?

Many Thanks,
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Post by andrewxcav »


To get the bare essentials you can buy either the mic array board, which is essentially a USB audio device that you can add your own code to:

For a more integrated solution there is the new Vocal Fusion kit:


MEMS have a lot of nice features:
- low cost, and easy to surface mount
- relatively high SNR and bandwidth
- no need for additional ADC chips between mics and processor, this is especially attractive as the number of mics grows