what to expect when i compile avb to have 3 listeners

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what to expect when i compile avb to have 3 listeners

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I have configured a x-216 board to have 3 listener and no talkers.

1. my goal is to have 3 parallel streams of 8 channels each so i can direct the channels from any stream to the analog outputs.
i want all streams to run in parallel.

q1 when i compile with 1 stream/listener selected it appears to work correctly. when i print out the index in buffer_mgr_to_tdm the data is cycling through index 0-7 and i can hear sound come from the output of the analog channels.
when i compile same the design with listeners set to 2 or 3, the application task and buffer_mgr_to_tdm appear to be hung.
i admit to be being somewhat of a newcomer to this design and need some help on exactly how to modify this to get my goal and what to expect when it starts running.

for example will the index in buffer_mgr_to_tdm still cycle through indexes 0-7 ot 0-23?
how is this supposed to work with parallel streams?
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Well, you can run more (or less) channels on tdm lines than you have available in streams. Make sure that there is only one mapping per tdm-channel. A stream channel could also map to multiple tdm channels.