Maximum SPI speed/resolution on XE216-512

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Maximum SPI speed/resolution on XE216-512

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Hi everyone,

I am very new to XMOS development, but am considering it for a project. I need to create a device that can easily test various SPI LCD display panels as an SPI master at speeds from 50-80 MHz. I am really looking for something that will give me good clocking resolution within the specified region, say 1 MHz steps, but I can relax that requirement slightly. Mostly I really just want to determine the maximum speeds that each LCD panel can reliably tolerate given various environmental factors. I have briefly looked over the XMOS SPI library as well as the datasheet, but I am unclear on the specifics of clocking. For this project, I would be looking at using the xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT eval board, with the XE216-512 processor.

For anyone familiar with this processor and the internal clocking, is there a simple formula I can use to determine what speeds will be possible within the above range? Would the XCore be a practical processor for this project? I do not require substantial compute power outside of the SPI peripheral timing, so I can adjust core clock speeds as well as peripheral clocks as necessary.

Thank you for any advice.