Notifications on multiple interface instances

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Notifications on multiple interface instances

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I have been scouring the xmos guide's to see if this is possible, all I can find is: interfaces allow notifications to be used, and multiple instances of an interface can be created. However I'm not sure if it's possible to do these together. My results so far have been successful using only one instance of an interface that sends a notification and clears it within the same select statement, and it can keep doing this and run continuously. However, my goal is to switch back and forth between instance A and instance B where A sends notification, clears, then does something, then B is called, sends notifications, clears, then does something. When I try to put the 2 together, A sends,clears, does something, then B sends... but never clears. So is this possible to do?
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I reported a bug on notifications years ago. It was an issue of the order they are defined/implemented, can't remember which. I think it was order in the select so you basically need to mess around moving it up and down to get it to work, possible that there is no usable order. I stick to one notification per tile now and poll when I need more.
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If I understand what you are asking, it is transparent to you. Youll issue your MQCONN which will get you connected to the server. Youll then issue your MQOPENs against multiple queues and theyll all go through the channel. Is this what you are asking?