play music to avb endpoint in xcore-200 Kit

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play music to avb endpoint in xcore-200 Kit

Post by superganbu »

I am learning the xmos avb fuction. I have the xcore 200 mc audio v2.0 kit.
i have read the pdf: AN00203, Gigabit - ethernet avb endpoint example using tdm master
and plan to debug the software, in the pdf, i know we can finish the xmos avb endpoint ,and the pdf give a software :appendixc apple mac os xavb
so we can play music from apple mac os , but i can not find the mathod of play music on windows os systems,
so ,my question is how can we play the music from windows(win7/win10)using our xmos avb endpoint.
any software or driver is offered?
or how to design the software and driver? any introduction for it?
waiting for your reply.
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Post by RitchRock »

Windows does not provide support for AVB like macOS. I think the easiest way would be to come up with some sort of USB/thunderbolt interface with an AVB connection. The problem lies in that you would need (if memory series correct) the Intel 210 chipset, which would need some sort of AVB to ASIO driver written. Nothing like that exists to my knowledge.
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Post by jsaksris »

In theory, would it be possible to use the RME digiface AVB? I have bought one to try it out but it seems that the xcore-200 kit is not discoverable.
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Post by fabra »

RME digiface AVB should work. I don't have one at hand to test, but I was using it with some other Milan devices in the past.
PreSonus also offers devices with USB Audio and AVB.