Your Voice Matters: Share your insights on the current status of Audio Network Technology

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Your Voice Matters: Share your insights on the current status of Audio Network Technology

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Hi everyone,
This is Richi Rozas from JOYNED.

I’d like to invite you to this global market research about the current status of audio network technology.

There are still open questions about network audio technology reliability, market demand, protocols and implementation strategies. Having first-hand data on the status, plans and challenges that manufacturers face will help make well-informed decisions on your strategic moves and positioning.

We seek intensive contact with developers, experts and decision-makers in Pro Audio to align our portfolio with the needs of the industry. And we want to share insights into the current status of network technology adoption because the network should be a common ground for the industry that boosts innovation and enables better user experiences.

Topics in the survey include the current status and plans for audio network adoption, challenges in the process, protocols, must-have feature set, in-house development and outsourcing.

You are all invited to participate in this survey: follow this link and fill in this 4-minute form:

As a participant, you will have exclusive access to the detailed results of this study and to the evaluations and interpretations we gain from the data. Of course, all information is anonymised.
Please, feel free to share it with team members and other colleagues from the industry that you consider their criteria must be included.

Let’s create the big picture together!
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The Audio Network Survey revealed interesting insights. Here are some quick facts:

The profile participants were mainly Product Managers (40%), Management (28%) and R&D team members (20%) from manufacturer companies of Pro Audio equipment (84%).

They stated that the current market demand is increasing (92% consider it high or very high) and 100% of the responses see signals of an increasing trend for Audio Network technology.

Participants also shared their perspectives regarding challenges, end-user concerns, pricing and budgets, portfolio plans and the most demanded feature set for Audio Network connections.

Here you can read the main takeaways from the survey:

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