XMOS developer needed - audio focused products

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XMOS developer needed - audio focused products

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Hi all! We're a small audio brand who's looking to add some functionality via XMOS. Looking for a developer to assist in two products we're working on, both are funded by external contracts so they're solid. Pretty simple - one is just a DSP for audio (16 in/16 out via 8 channel A/D and 8 channel D/A), basic EQ, time delay, crossover functionality. Also a USB 2.0 audio input for stereo.

The other is simple too - USB 2.0 audio in, some EQ, and then conversion to a PWM signal for driving a class D amplifier.

We're targeting the 200 series devices for both of these.

If interested, reach out to me and we can talk about scope, your interest/experience, and more!

Dan Wiggins
Periodic Audio Inc.