XMP-64 Projects

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XMP-64 Projects

Post by jonathan »

The first production XMP-64s start going out the door in January... So what do people want to see running on them beyond the flashing LEDs?

Nothing wrong with starting ambitious, I want to see a dynamic superoptimizer. Load an application into one (or more) cores, and use "the rest" to try to superoptimize the inner loop(s) of the applications to be run. Sounds like an interesting challenge?

Could also be very useful in the field of cloud computing or when paying for remote CPU time on a particular problem. Imagine if the compute-centre host could take 20% off the running time of almost every application kernel, dynamically, as it's given them to do. You would make huge savings in power and time.

I'd also like to see a way to rapidly spread computation across the XMP-64 array using a variety of parallel design patterns.

There are probably a ton of number-crunching applications (real-time encryption/decryption, image/graphics processing and rendering, real-time compression/decompression, simulation etc) that fall into the embarrassingly-parallel category too.
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Post by Berni »

Well a cool thing to would be to have it render a simpler 3D scene in real time or to draw those pretty random fractal patterns fast. And if i remember right you have ethernet on this thing so you could run a webserver on one of the cores to have this web interface. Inside a LAN you can simply get video in to your browser by having a javascript constantly refresh a image.

Well thats just my suggestion. Such a powerful board must have a cool program inside it out of the box, so the user that powers it up for the first time goes wow. (A blinking LED isn't much of a wow)