EETimes Analog sliceKIT review/roadtest

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EETimes Analog sliceKIT review/roadtest

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Duane Benson of Screaming Circuits has written a blog on his experiences using an xCORE Analog sliceKIT for the first time (and the tools!).

Experimenting with an XMOS Multicore MCU
I found it first disappointing, then intriguing, and -- finally -- welcome, that peripherals are all software defined. My initial concern came from what little I know about software (a.k.a. bit-banged) peripherals. Bit-banging in an 8-bit device is a decent quick hack, but is limited and difficult to maintain in real-time when loading up the MCU with other code.

However, because of the performance difference, combined with the fact that the xCORE is designed for this, software-defined peripherals can be a real advantage here. You don't need to buy a different variety of MCU to get a different set of peripherals. That's huge.
This is part 1 of an ongoing blog series. I'll post up the next one when it appears.