How to include header files in XMOS FreeRTOS port?

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How to include header files in XMOS FreeRTOS port?

Post by jeevanicherukuri »

In FreeRTOS port to the XMOS XS1 XCORE folder,I am trying to execute those programs.It's showing errors in header files that no such files are found. what must i do to include those header files? for example, 'freertos.h' file is not found.
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Post by Bianco »

You will want to add the following directories to your include path:


I'm not sure if this is easy to do in the graphical interface.
Alternatively you can modify the project makefile and use the -I parameter to add these paths to for example the following makefile variables: XCC_FLAGS_full andXCC_FLAGS_lite

Alternatively you can avoid any trouble by just using my makefile as a start. Best results are on the command line. Just navigate to the demo directory and run 'xmake all', thats all!