Can't compile AVB Daisy Chain Firmware

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Can't compile AVB Daisy Chain Firmware

Post by JohnnyRoehn »


I am having problems in compiling the default AVB Daisy Chain Firmware (v.1.0.6). I am using xTimeComposer v14.2.0 and I always get the error "passing non-local alias to function `acmp_send_response' which accesses a global variable" at line 485 of file avb_1722_1_acmp_periodic.xc. I have highlighted the line in the code:

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int i = acmp_inflight_timeout_idx[LISTENER];
            avb_1722_1_acmp_inflight_command *inflight = &acmp_listener_inflight_commands[i];
            if (inflight->retried)
                inflight->command.sequence_id = inflight->original_sequence_id;
                // + 7 of the message_type transforms a CONNECT_TX_COMMAND to a CONNECT_RX_RESPONSE etc.
              ------->  acmp_send_response(inflight->command.message_type + 7, &inflight->command, ACMP_STATUS_LISTENER_TALKER_TIMEOUT, c_tx); <------
                // Remove inflight command
                inflight->in_use = 0;
Anyone having the same problem? I haven't changed anything from the default firmware provided on the website...
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Post by infiniteimprobability »

Hi, the DC software is a an older snapshot of the AVB IP and, looking at the docs, it was tested using tools 13.
I quickly tried a few versions of the tools 14 and ran into the same issue you report.

However, I downloaded version 13.2.3 from here:

and it built OK. I suggest doing this as there were a lot of big changes to the tools from major version 13->14...
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Post by larry »

As infiniteimprobability pointed out, DC is an older version that is not supported on tools version newer than 13
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Post by ahogen »

Sorry to necropost...

Any idea if the AVB/TSN Daisy Chain firmware will be re-written for the new XMOS libraries, new xTIMEcomposer toolchain, and xCORE-200 parts?