AXE (An XCore Emulator)

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AXE (An XCore Emulator)

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Version: 1
Status: Under development
License: Custom Licence

AXE is a fast XCore simulator. AXE doesn't attempt to be cycle accurate. Instruction execution timing is approximate. AXE uses a LLVM based JIT compiler to speed up simulation. Features include:

VCD tracing
Loopback ports
Instruction tracing
Emulation of various peripherals (SPI Flash, UART RX, Ethernet PHY)

$ ./axe --help

Usage: ./axe [options] filename

General Options:

-help Display this information.

--loopback PORT1 PORT2 Connect PORT1 to PORT2.

--vcd FILE Write VCD trace to FILE.

--boot-spi Specify boot from SPI

--rom FILE Specify boot rom.

-t Enable instruction tracing.

--ethernet-phy ifname=,rx_clk=,rx_dv=,rx_er=,rxd=,tx_clk=,tx_en=,tx_er=,txd=

--spi-flash filename=,miso=,mosi=,sclk=,ss=

--uart-rx bitrate=,port=