Slice Extender

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Slice Extender

Post by TSC »

Version: 1
Status: Under development
License: MIT
Download: /files/project_builds/Slice

Two PCBs which can be used to make a Slice extension cable. Solder a ribbon cable to the staggered pads on both sides of each PCB. Making the ribbon cable too long will cause signal integrity issues.

Attached files include:
Altium schematics
Altium PCB documents
PCB CAD image (PDF)
BOM (Excel)

PCBs have been ordered (from SeeedStudio Fusion) and should arrive early August 2014.Images:

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Post by babazaroni »

I like it, but here's what I would rather have.
A small PCB that can plug into the slice kit edge socket, and has holes for a dual row header to plug into, and and a slice kit edge socket on the opposite edge.
This pcb could fit in between a slice kit and a module, and provice a dual row header to connect an idc cable.  Or just the dual row header could be used to gain easy access to the pins.