Aptina MT9V034 Camera Slice (unofficial)

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Aptina MT9V034 Camera Slice (unofficial)

Post by TSC »

Version: 1
Status: Under development
License: MIT
Download: /files/project_builds/Camera Slice.zip

My own implementation of a Slice for the Aptina MT9V034 CMOS colour image sensor with global shutter.
I suspect that an official Slice very similar to this is about to be released by XMOS, but I couldn't wait.
Intended to be used with the sc_image_sensor software component available from GitHub.
Has a footprint for an optional 26.66 MHz crystal oscillator to enable a frame rate of exactly 60 fps. Alternatively, the 25 MHz system clock can be used.
Attached ZIP file includes:

Altium schematics and PCB doc
Schematics (PDF)
PCB CAD image (PDF)

PCB has been ordered from SeedStudio and should arrive in early August 2014.

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Post by brittain »

How did it go did you need to revise the board design.  What was the final use. I have one of these chips and may make a board up.