Parameters control beamforming

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Parameters control beamforming

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I am currently doing some tests of the noise supression of Xmos linear array. In the tests I have done till now I have changed the parameter "BEAMANGLE" seting it to the angle where a speaker with speech signal is (130º) and "BEAMWIDTH" set to 0.2 (minimum width). On the other side, in 50º a speaker emits noise signal. When I evaluate the processed signal (first signal in configuration 1i6o2_lin33) I don't get a significant noise supression. Today I realize the parameter "FSBFREEZEONOFF" which I didn't set till now. I have read that this parameter is disabled by default.

If I set the "BEAMANGLE" to the direction where the speech speaker is, with the minimum "BEAMWIDTH" and also with the parameter "FSBFREEZEONOFF" enabled, should I get better results in terms of noise supression??

If I set the " BEAMANGLE" to the direction of arrival of the desired signal with a minimum width, what can "FSBFREEZEONOFF" parameter makes?

I don't how this parameter works.

Thanks in advance.