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Hello from Rennes

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I'm Philip and I'm just getting started with xMOS. I'm trying to use it in an audio application (personal project), but being mostly a hardware guy, I'm having a little difficulty to wrap by head around xMOS programming. So I though it'd be best to ask the community.
I've attached a simple diagram of the architecture I'm trying to design. Basically I have the following questions :

- Is this arch possible to implement on a reasonnably small xCore (e.g. 16 cores) if I put low complexity tasks on same core ? So far I'm counting 12 cores (2*3 for ASRC, 2 for USB, 1 for I2S interfaces + I2C, 1 for spdif, 2 for mix/DSP), but I may be too ambitious.
- I'd like to open source the firmware (BSD/MIT licence). Libs and modules from xMOS are not shareable, which is normal. Is it technically/legally possible to open source the code I write and point the user to where he can legally find them to build the firmware ?
- Is there a way to simulate/validate xmos code without a board ?

Other implementation targets include DSP, FPGAs and Linux boards, but xMOS seems funnier to learn :)

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I am pretty sure some hardware vendors indicate to their customers where to get the XMOS code, how to modify it if necessary, and how to build & run it.