XVF3100 app_vf_spk_base full i2s example

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XVF3100 app_vf_spk_base full i2s example

Postby Damon777 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:55 pm

I am using the XVF3100 evaluation board and the USB mode 1i6o2_cir43 is working properly in the app_vf_spk_base routine. But I'm having difficulty using the i2s example. For the 1i0o0_cir43_i2s_only_48khz example, I use the full i2s mode with the sw_vocalfusion_getting_started and sw_vocalfusion documentation. At present, I am verifying xoms to use i2s mode as amaster and eventually want to use it as a slave.
I changed the DCODEC_MASTER =1 to 0 in the makefile but no sound output and then i removed the DAC chip added the LRCLK, MCLK, AEC reference data, and Processed microphone data from a i2s interface (J6) to a slave. The result is that it can be recorded and played normally but with very little sound and AEC did not work.
I would like to ask a few questions: 1,Is there a problem with my hardware connection? 2,If the hardware is ok,how to enhance the volume gain and why the AEC is not very effective.

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