Schematic review needed - robotic project.

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Schematic review needed - robotic project.

Postby lilltroll » Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:55 pm


I have a long-term hobby project, to build a robot that can do something that is very boring for a human - placing SMD components.
I have built a machine from scratch, including the electronics and software. Everything is open-source - but is work in progress.
So far, the explorer KIT has been used with different daughter cards connected to it.

I would appreciate if someone could check my XTAG, Xlink connections etc. on the new "CPU" board. The board is intended to be connected in a galvanic isolated XLink network, for an example like this or
The networks above run in the xTIMEcomposer simulator without errors.

The PCB's can either be populated as a hub with USB, and a Gigabit ethernet shield, or as a network node that runs
FOC SVPWM for BLDC (Field-oriented control combined with Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation for Brushless DC Motors) by connecting a daughter card/shield power by the 48V motor rail.
USB ground will be isolated from power ground.


Schematic, board layout and virtual reality files can be found here.


Here is an old video when using the eXplorer KIT + stepper motors + the machine itself.

First BLDC version can be found here with eXplorer KIT.

There is also a large GUI on the host side written in Qt (C++). Below is 2 early pictures. XMOS streams ~ 10Mbyte/s of controller real-time data to the host over a custom bulk USB driver.

GCODE for moving the robot is created by the software which also uses machine vision.
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