Very Basic Questions - XMOS-200 Audio MC

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Very Basic Questions - XMOS-200 Audio MC

Postby mbarnaba » Tue Mar 05, 2019 4:00 am

I'm sorry in advance for these very basic questions.

For an adaptive signal processing class project I am trying to create a beamformer using an array of 4 microphones. I was given the XMOS-200 Audio MC from my boss as it was used a few years back by an intern and just sitting on the shelf. I have been reading documentation about the device and am struggling to figure out how it works. All I need the device to do is record 4 separate microphones and transfer those recordings to my computer to process with MATLAB.

From what I gather I need to download USB Audio 2.0 and a driver for windows (Running Windows 10). I've also just downloaded xTimeComposer.

What do I have to do to simply record 4 channels of audio, do I just need to write some type of code using xTimeComposer and then run that on the audio card? FYI i'm more of a science guy, computer hardware is not my forte if you can tell.

Any recommendations or words of advice would be greatly appreciated!



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