XU216-512-TQ128 - Enumerating in Ubuntu Topic is solved

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XU216-512-TQ128 - Enumerating in Ubuntu

Post by rgilio »


I'm working with the XU216-512-TQ128 alongside an xTag3 attachment.
I have xTimeComposer loaded up and running and have compiled the basic example (AN00190: Getting started with xTimeComposer Studio).
I want to deploy onto the MIC Array hardware, however it's not being listed in the 'Target' list.

I've connected the xTag to the XU216-512-TQ128 Mic Array and supplied power to both using my laptop's USB 3.0 ports.
The xTag3 enumerates just fine on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine, however the XU216-512-TQ128 Mic Array doesn't show up at all anywhere on my system.
Nothing pops up when plugging in the Mic Array when running "sudo udevadm monitor" which means it's not even starting the enumeration sequence.

I've read in some docs somewhere that USB 3.0 ports cause problems with certain devices. I've tried plugging into 2.0 ports on another device but also had no luck getting it to enumerate. I've also tried plugging in onto a Win10 machine and got the same result.

I'd appreciate any insight on how to get the Mic Array to enumerate and display under the target in xTimeComposer.
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Post by mon2 »

Hi. Going from memory here but believe that some of these kits were factory programmed with the wrong firmware so resulting in the observed lack of enumeration on Windows & Linux.

Review this thread and my LAST comment.

https://www.xcore.com/viewtopic.php?f=8 ... ray#p35710

Post back your results or if you have any issues.
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Post by rgilio »

I've followed the instructions as listed in that thread and have compiled the code and got ''app_usb_aud_mic_array 1i802" as the output. Did I download the wrong thing, I was expecting 2i802? I'll await your feedback before I flash it with it with something that I shouldn't.

To tack onto this, I didn't mention this in my first post, but despite the XTAG enumerating on my Linux device it wasn't showing up in the 'Device Options --> Hardware --> Target'. I was able to get it to show up though after following this example:

Code: Select all

// You should see the following output contained in the command.
sudo /opt/XMOS/xTIMEcomposer/Community_14.3.3/scripts/check_xmos_devices.sh 

*** XMOS USB device installation checker --- Wed Jul  3 09:40:07 MST 2019 ***

Checking for connected XMOS device on USB bus

 *	SUCCESS ... Connected XMOS USB device found

Checking for XMOS XTAG-3 connected to USB bus

 *	SUCCESS ... XMOS XTAG-3 has been found

 *	SUCCESS ... XMOS XTAG-3 permissions are correct

// Change to script directory and run setup
cd /opt/XMOS/xTIMEcomposer/Community_14.3.3/scripts 
sudo ./setup_xmos_devices.sh

// Set up environment
cd /opt/XMOS/xTIMEcomposer/Community_14.3.3/ ; source ./SetEnv
// Go to bin and enable USB support
cd /opt/XMOS/xTIMEcomposer/Community_14.3.3/bin ; xrun -l 
Once you have done all of the above, you should be able to go to the run configurations and refresh your list and see the XTAG.
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Post by rgilio »

I needed to swap boards out because the one I was using apparently had hardware issues which was at least limited to not allowing the device to be flashed.

After swapping boards, I followed the steps in that topic that you linked @mon2 and was able to get the device to enumerate as an audio device that has 8 mics and 2 speakers.