Noise cancellation of external audio source

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Noise cancellation of external audio source

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I started with the XMOS XK-VF3100-L33 development kit and the quick user guide works very well. In my project I have to deal with an external audio noise such as machine noise which must be removed for speech recognition.
I tried to capture the external machine noise with an extra microphone and passed it into the XMOS such as in the quick user guide. Note: The audio output of the noise doesn't come from the XMOS 3.5mm audio output

The noise cancellation with the background noise of an external speaker wasn't working. Any idea how to address the problem, that noise cancellation works with external background noise as well?

I would appreciate any suggestions!

Kit: XK-VF3100-L33
Firmware: app_vf_spk_base_1i6o2_lin33_keyword
Tool: Audacity